Social Media challenge – Finding my next job in 30 days the ‘social way’


I got 3 offers so it was definitely a success. Getting an offer from one of LI, FB or Twitter was a stretch. With LI it proceeded until offer stage. Unfortunately, we couldn’t arrive at a sweet-spot we both could agree upon. So, it is not Exceeded as I originally targeted to, but it is more than Achieved. In MS terms, that might be Strong/ Achieved:)

I thank all the recruiters/ interviewers I had worked with during this experiment. Recruiters/ hiring managers like candidates who are open and of course, technically strong.

I am joining ComputeNext Inc ( as a Lead Developer. Fun times ahead!

Scoreboard (05/04/2011: 7.15 am):

iLikes sent – opportunities I expressed interest; iLikes received –  opportunities/leads interested in me

Metric Total Status
iLikes sent 6 4 y, 1 n, 1 nr
iLikes received 16 12 y, 4 n
Phone Screen – HR 7 6 y, 1 n
Phone Screen – Tech 6 4 y, 2 next round scheduled
Onsite 4 2 NO, 2 YES

Notes to myself:

1)  As one can see, I could increase the number of iLikes sent – which means contact more recruiters, hiring managers via LinkedIn.

2) # hits on my LinkedIn profile increased, though not drastically. I updated my profile to reflect much closer to my skills, and did some SEO to bring up my profile. If you search for “(“sde” or “sdet”) and automation and c#”, my profile comes up in the first page (third in the list). This used to be 19th page earlier. More on SEO’izing LinkedIn profile later. Do something about getting more eyeballs on my profile.


I am currently looking for opportunities, and I decided to challenge myself with a social media experiment – can I find my next job via social media in 30 days? This means no old fashioned way of posting resumes on job sites or emailing for introductions. Here are the ground rules:


To find my next job in 30 days via social media – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


1) Locate: Follow job leads/ postings via LinkedIn/ Twitter (not on

2) Lock: Contact employers/ hiring managers/ recruiters via LinkedIn/ RTs or through personal contacts (Facebook) only

3) Launch:

a.  Increase online presence by blogging on areas of expertise and keeping LinkedIn profile updated

b.  Daily update on job search status via twitter (@sriramhere) (which will also show up on other social updates)

      All these are about making the first impression. Acing the interviews will what make that impression last. As a prospective job seeker, I understand the value of learning about one’s job interview experiences, and I intend to return the favor.

4) Hit: Prepare well and ace the inteviews

 Through out the experiment, Be agile – don’t spend too much time ‘planning’, but spend on ‘executing’. Keep the communication channels open and active (key part in leveraging and adding value to the  ‘community’)

Are all jobs equal?

I am not interested in a job, but the job. My current areas of interest are Social/ Cloud/ Mobile. I am looking for senior positions in software development or software testing in these areas. For my complete skill set, you can refer to my LinkedIn. I am primarily interested in startups/ or specific groups within giants which have a startup like culture. I don’t want to be a tiny cog of a huge corporate wheel. 

Success criteria:

I will consider this experiment a success (Acheived in Microsoft rating terms) if I land up in ONE such job. It would be Exceptional if I get more than one.

Stretch Goal:

Get a job offer from one of the big three – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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  1. hi sriram,

    nice experiement…i am sure it will work out..all the best…keep us posted..

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