More reflections…

You may have read my earlier post reflecting on one year @ ComputeNext. Some of you were concerned about my health too, thanks! After more reflections on the impact of stress on my health, discussions with family & friends, I have decided to quit ComputeNext as a Lead Developer. My management has been very supportive of my decision, allowing me to take time off/ WFH as required. I will be transitioning off my work  the rest of this month. It has been an awesome ride, enjoyed every bit of it! I thank the founders for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.

Time to update my LinkedIn profile and tap in to the networks. Looking for opportunities in Cloud Tech so as to put my Cloud expertise to use. Referrals are appreciated!

Will I join a startup again? Yes! As they say about having kids, there is never a better time. However, I will further strengthen my support system and be more careful about my health obviously. Again, it’s different every time, so I don’t know how/ when it would be.

Sayonara ComputeNext!

By Sriram Subramanian Posted in Cloud

3 comments on “More reflections…

  1. Hey, had a great time working with you..
    Would love to keep in touch..and will look forward to working together again!

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