This November is not just Movember, but Appvember!

Often times one has ideas – cool, innovative, iterative, or just plain simple. Not often they get baked. Barrier to enter has been lower than ever; tools, services, support has been more than ever. Heard of GenerationApp: Your Idea. Your App. 30 days? With all the buzz around Surface/ Windows 8, ample help is available for a Windows App developer to make that idea happen. I am going to make use of that, challenge myself to materialize one of my ideas in to a Windows 8 app  in the next 30 days.

Ground Rules

1) Be consistent

I want this to be a learning experience, rather than a week end hack. Appears that GenerationApp program is designed to assist that. Daily tips are being sent; 1 hr in depth consultation is available; I may have to check on the community, but would expect so. Also, it is designed to help one ship a complete app, not a sample code/ prototype. I want to go through the entire stretch of polishing the app and submitting it.

2) Be open

While I haven’t decided yet to open source the code or not, I want this effort to be a open experiment. Log highs/ lows. Share the lessons. Seek help. And I don’t believe in keeping the idea itself a secret. I will be updating my progress regularly- feedback/ comments welcome.

3) Be serious (in a fun way)

I want this to be a real, shippable app.  While all the learning is fun, shipping a product is not just fun. I want to treat this to be so.  I am no way close to full time on this, but I want to be consistently putting hours in this. At least couple of hours a day, for the next 30 days.

It’s going to be fun…


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