GiftGiv and Microsoft Accelerator – week 1


Microsoft Accelerator for Azure powered by Techstars Spring 2013

As you probably are aware, I am currently the CTO at GiftGiv. Things are moving fast, and we are now part of the Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure powered by Techstars Spring 2013 batch!

Obviously, things are insanely crazy here. Meetings, meetings and more meetings – but for a change, all awesome ones. Mentors, alumni, potential investors – all trying to help us, make us move from a good idea to great business.

I want to capture my experiences through this 12 weeks here, distil down the learning as much as I can. First few weeks are going to be all about narrowing down customer value and getting customer validation

Key Learning

1) Customer Validation

Who is your customer? What is the customer archetype? What are the customer segments?

For instance, CIO of a Fortune 500 company is your customer. Not CIOs or decision makers or C-level executing. Try to be as crisp as possible.

Fortune 500 is a correct segment, not IT industry

CIO is the right archetype, not just decision maker.

2) Value Proposition

What is the pain you are solving? What is the value you are providing?

Cool is not a great value prop, but saving cost, saving time, or increasing revenue is. Try to quantify.



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