One author, 3 efforts…

(Image displayed is that of a representation of Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation. He has four faces, one facing each direction. However, only three are visible since the fourth one is facing the other side, hence it is here:))

clouddonhat-640x220As you are probably aware, I am the Founder and Principal Cloud Specialist at Cloud Don LLC, a cloud consulting firm. I have been writing about cloud more there than here. It makes sense to continue my cloud related posts there. Please follow Cloud Don for industry musings, white papers, briefings, analyses and tutorials. While most of the cloud related content will be at Cloud Don blog, I will continue posting non-cloud tech related content here.

Apart from my core business and tech, I am interested in eco-conscious lifestyle and hands on parenting.

LeafGaneshaI have started a community called Ecothics – for the eco-conscious. I am I have also recently became a Board Director at a local cooperative called Sno-Isle Food Coop. Please follow the Ecothics blog or the Facebook page to learn more about living eco-responsibly.

I will use this blog to write on my third effort: hands on parenting. As working parents, it is a cliche to say that our hands are full. We are making conscious efforts/ choices when it comes to raising our kids. Some of the choices are providing freshly cooked meals, limiting tech/ TV/ gadgets, preventive vs reactive healthcare etc.  These choices are making parenting difficult, but we love it. Please continue to follow this blog for updates in that front.

Happy New Year!


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