Sugar, Sugar, More Sugar

We all know it is good to give less sugar to kids. Sugar makes them hyper, is empty calories, etc. As parents, we make conscious efforts to reduce added sugar – that means saying no a lot of times to candies, cup cakes, cookies etc. A lot of times. It is hard for both – us and kids; we are becoming ‘uncool’ parents, and kids are yearning for them.

Turns out, they don’t have to go far – school gives loads of them! Some place one wouldn’t expect sugary treats, provides tons of them. On a typical day, may be not so much. However, on any event – be it a birthday, special event, celebration, all goes haywire –  candies, cookies, cakes, and more. Irony is that, parents who would normally not give such treats to their kids, are sending such treats to distribute to the class.

When I opened our son’s treat bag from Valentine’s day – all I saw was candies loaded with HFCS, artificial colors, artificial flavors and chemicals. All given by other kids (we are to be blamed too, because, we sent KitKat hearts as goodies for his friends 😦 )

And what kind of candies – those full of dyes, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals etc.  If they were more natural, I would have been little bit happier, sadly NO.

We have trained our son to read the ingredients – if there are more than 5 ingredients, it is not a good one. If there is any ingredient that he doesn’t understand, it is a good one. ALL the candies from Valentine’s day failed that test. It was very hard for him to dump them all; but he realized those are not good candies, so he dumped them. We rewarded him with organic candies made with handful of ingredients and natural colors (and no artificial flavors).

If Valentine’s day was this bad, I can’t imagine about Halloween!

It is not surprising that nearly 10% of American population has diabetes, India is the host to the largest diabetes population with an estimated 35 million people affected. I could only think of Jamie Oliver‘s TED presentation on teaching every child about food, it has to start early.


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